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Insurance companies will tell you that they offer several in-network shops that you should take your car to. They will use all kinds of “reasons” for you to take your vehicle to their shops. Sometimes, an insurance company will tell you directly that you have to take your vehicle to one of their network shops. The fact is, the insurance company CAN NOT tell you where you have to take your vehicle for repairs. In the state of Missouri, you - the owner - have the right to choose who performs the work on your vehicle.

They may tell you that they can not guarantee repairs done at any shops outside their ’preferred’ network. With us, you don’t need your insurance company to guarantee the repairs. At Fenton Auto Body, we guarantee any and all labor performed on your vehicle. Also, our paint supplier gives a lifetime guarantee on any materials used to refinish your car. Many of our parts vendors offer lifetime guarantees on the parts we use on your vehicle, as well.

Some insurance companies will tell you that unless you take your vehicle to one of their ‘preferred’ shops, that they may not be able to get to appraising the damages to your vehicle for a week or more. Most insurance companies are required to inspect your vehicle within 72 hours of a claim being filed.

You will see other shops claim they “work directly with your insurance company.” We can work with any insurance company. The only difference is we are not contractually obligated to give any kinds of discounts on parts or labor to the insurance companies. When shops are contractually required to offer these discounts to the insurance companies, who do you think ultimately pays?

For more information on your rights when dealing with an insurance claim, please visit the missouri department of insurance -  http://insurance.mo.gov/

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Don't be steered into another accident by an insurance company. You have the right to choose your owner repair facility. IT'S THE LAW!

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